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Master Chua on BBC World News interview - February 2015

2015 Year of Yi Wei (Yin Wood / Goat) 
Chinese Lunar New Year interview with BBC World News at the Singapore studio on the first day morning of the lunar new year.

Year of Yi Wei 2015 - (Green) Wood Goat

Today is the first day of the Chinese Solar calendar, and those who practice the art of analysing Ba Zi birth chart use this day as the first day of the Chinese Solar year of Yi Wei (Yin Wood / Goat). 

This is to be differentiated from the Chinese Lunar calendar, where the customary Chinese New Year celebrated as a public holiday, falls on the 19th of February, 2015. 

Today is known as a solar term day - Spring Begins or "Establishing of Spring", or in Chinese 立春.

Under some schools/methods of Feng Shui, today is also used the change-over of Qi day, moving from the year of Jia Wu 2014 (Yang Wood / Horse) to Yi Wei 2015 (Yin Wood / Goat).

(24 mountains chart extracted from the Chinese Almanac)

What happens to those born between Feb 4 and Feb 19? They are affectionately known as being the "Horse tail - Goat head", just a humorous term, don't worry!

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Ba Zi Profile © Class of August 2014

I am proud to introduce my very first Ba Zi students from Asia (Singapore and Indonesia). We completed the Ba Zi Profile © class over August 21 - 23 last week, even staying up until almost 12 midnight on the extended class on Saturday!  We started at 1 pm on Saturday as the classroom was booked for another event on that morning. Lovely to see the enthusiasm from the students, makes this teacher very happy! 

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for being so interested in what I have to teach and share!