Learn Ba Zi in Singapore!

Ba Zi Profile © Class of August 2014

I am proud to introduce my very first Ba Zi students from Asia (Singapore and Indonesia). We completed the Ba Zi Profile © class over August 21 - 23 last week, even staying up until almost 12 midnight on the extended class on Saturday!  We started at 1 pm on Saturday as the classroom was booked for another event on that morning. Lovely to see the enthusiasm from the students, makes this teacher very happy! 

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for being so interested in what I have to teach and share! 

49th Singapore National Day Fireworks by Pure Feng Shui

Wish all readers a great National Day, 9 August 2014.

Here are some of my amateur photography of fireworks. Night shots are hard! 

Incidentally for those who like the concept of Ji San Sha / Auspicious San Sha, the fireworks was in the Southern direction relative to my apartment. And the San Sha for the month and day are in the south direction. The hour / si chen forms an auspicious timing for today, that matches my apartment direction and me. What is going to happen? Any guesses? Flying Star Year Star is 8 and Month Star is 6? 

Fireworks! National Day celebrations rehearsals, photos by Pure Feng Shui

This coming 9th of August is the 49th anniversary of Singapore's independence. Since July, there had been weekly rehearsals for the celebrations, with fireworks that can be seen in the southern direction from my apartment in the Novena area. 

Last evening I set up my old Canon S5 camera on the tripod and decided to try and capture some of the fireworks display. Here are the results! It is very difficult to capture photos of fireworks, even with a tripod to avoid the shaking of the camera. I managed to get a good shot out of the many taken! 

Travelling Feng Shui Master and his camera - Summer in London June 2014

Here are the photos of my June trip to experience the summer season in Europe. First stop was London, a city that we liked to visit. After that we flew over to Madrid and Barcelona, Spain. More photos coming! 

In Support of Hair for Hope 2014 - Pure Feng Shui

Last year, with the support of kind donors, I was very happy to raise close to S$10,000 for Hair for Hope 2013 by pledging to shave my hair off. 

Hair for Hope 2014 is back again.

I am not participating officially this year, but I am supporting this event on my own. With the help of an electric shaver, I cropped my own hair this week! 

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